Yerzmyey at Square Sounds Tokyo
[ posted by Mr Y, 07.10.14 ]
OK dudes, there was a chiptune festival in Japan – Square Sounds Tokyo 2014 – here is the video of my ZX concert there, in 28.09.2014.

The recording contains entire concert – 30 minutes.

The songs have been composed on ZX81 and ZX Spectrum. This time my hardware was:
  • Speccy2010 for the sequences – and toy-keyboards:
  • Yamaha PSS-680 for the main playing (it has also very cool drum-pads)
  • toy sampler CASIO SK-1 for screaming :) effects
  • miniature CASIO SA-5 (for sound effects)
  • and ‘microscopic’ toy analogue ribbon-synth KORG Monotron Duo (like above).
Additionally – the sound-fx ZOOM RFX-2000.

Here, the entire recording has been takes “from the hall” but still You can hear something. :)

Unfortunately, while the air-journey my the main mixer/effect Behringer (planned to be used for toy-synthesizers), has got a serious shot in a plane, and sadly in Tokyo I found it doesn’t work. The organizers were kind enough to lend me their own Behringer mixer (thx mates!) but there was only a machine without a sound-FX section accessible, so You might notice the ‘keyboard section’ sounds a bit raw (it was my big regret, regarding the flight).

After all, people in Japan liked the ZX music, and they were even approaching me after the gig, sayin’ that it was nice to hear songs from the hardware unknown in Japan.

I would like to thank very much to all the visitors and organizers. The festival was spectacular.

Enjoy. ;)
Gasman live at EINDBAAS + Revision
[ posted by Gasman, 16.05.14 ]
Gasman played a mini "European tour" over Easter, beginning with the EINDBAAS 16 chiptune festival in Amsterdam where he headlined the Open Stage Pre-Party. This was followed by an appearance on the main stage at the opening night of Revision in Saarbrücken, the world's largest pure demoscene party. But that wasn't enough! On the final night of Revision, thanks to some heavy persuasion ;-) and an improvised A/V setup courtesy of m0d, ATW and numerous others, he held an impromptu outdoor performance...

Gasman will be returning to the Netherlands later this month to perform at the Outline demoparty in Eersel, May 29th - June 1st!
Yerzmyey live at RetroKomp 2013
[ posted by Mr Y, 01.11.13 ]
One more solo gig of the AY Riders member - Yerzmyey. It was a concert  in 26.10.2013 on the RetroKomp 2013 event in Gdansk (Danzig). Hardware used - ZX Spectrum Evolution (two AY chips), Atari 520ST (YM chip), Amiga 1200, plus toy-keyboards: Yamaha PSS-680, CASIO SK-5, Korg Monotron Duo.

Pixel Heaven 2013 concert
[ posted by Factor6, 18.06.13 ]
Our next concert at Pixel Heaven 2013 in a, now classic already, formation of Yerzmyey, Factor6, Gasman and TDM. Thanks for your attend! It was a pleasure to play in the capital of Poland again for so cool audience. Look at some photos here! Hardware used - ZX Spectrum+ 48Kb w/ DivIDE+AY interface, Yamaha PSS-780 (Yerz), ZX Spectrum+2 w/ DivIDE, Casio SK-1, Atari 320XE /w SIO2SD (F6), ZX Spectrum+3 /w 3" disk drive, microKorg XL (TDM), Speccy 2010, M-Audio Keytar (Gasman).

AY RIDERS in Warsaw, again
[ posted by Factor6, 09.06.13 ]
And it's here. Another concert and again in Warsaw, PL. This time at Pixel Heavan 2013 in Centralny Dom Qultury (CDQ), ul.Burakowska 12. When? Saturday, 15th June, ±20:00. Be there! :)
Yerzmyey live at Riverwash 2011
[ posted by Mr Y, 19.09.11 ]
Another solo concert of an AY Riders member - Yerzmyey. It was a gig in 03.09.2011 for Amiga and PC demo-sceners, to prove them that ZX Spectrum is alive and kicking. Hardware used - ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface and Timex Computer 2048 with AY-interface. The event was pretty successful and people were really interested in ZX Spectrum's sound abilities.

Gasman live at Outline 2011
[ posted by Factor6, 19.06.11 ]
After the triumphant AY Riders gig at the Forever demoparty back in March, I (Gasman) had a hankering for some more Speccy-and-keytar-and-vocoder live performance action, so I jumped at the chance to play my first EVVAR solo set at Outline party in the Netherlands.

AY Riders Concert @ FOReVER Party!
[ posted by Factor6, 03.03.11 ]
We are proud to announce our next event, taking place at FOReVER C demoparty very soon! The AY Riders' concert happens in Kulturny dom (Cultural House) of Horna Suca, near Trencin (Slovakia) in the evening of Friday, 18.3.2011. Read more details about the party here!. You'll find GPS coordinates and more info in the Message Board discussion.
[ posted by Factor6, 12.08.10 ]
Tee-dee-dee-da-da-dee! Yes! A new EP album is here and it's something for you, dear ATARI fans: ZX Spectrum covers of famous 8-bit ATARI songs! It's Here.
Full time video from Bratislava concert
[ posted by Factor6, 27.07.10 ]
After more than a year I finally edited full video from Bratislava concert. Download it from here (512MB)!
Videos from Bratislava concert
[ posted by Factor6, 30.04.09 ]
Videos of some tunes performed at the concert can be seen on YouTube: Autumn is Calling (Megus), Prazakum je hej (Factor6), Around Past (C-Jeff), Summer Mood (Megus), Old TV Tune (Megus), Super Monaco Grand Prix (TDM). Thanks to Wixet^T.C.G.
HUGE Bratislava success!
[ posted by Factor6, 20.04.09 ]
Yes. That's it. The BA concert of AY Riders is over and we all know it was a huge success, at least for AY Riders. We started at 9pm after Hugo, Hubero & VJ Texa. If you're looking for photos, here are some. And here. A short video is here. If you know Slovak language, listen to this podcast from Radio FM (seek to 0:48:50) recorded with A4 orgs a day before concert [160MB MP3]. The official photo section on this site will be set up later. We must thank to A4 orgs Oliver and Slavo as well as VJ Texa for help. And of course to you, the audience. You were absolutely cool!!!

Things we used to play this time:
  • Timex 2048 + AY interface (Yerzmyey)
  • ZX Spectrum 48K (rubber) for retro TV visuals
  • 2 x ZX Spectrum 128+ (Gasman and F6)
  • ZX Spectrum +3 (TDM)
  • Casio PT-1 (TDM)
  • Casio SK-1 (F6)
  • Yamaha PSS-270 (Yerzmyey)
  • electric guitar (all improvisations by Megus)
and some additional stuff.

Bratislava concert details
[ posted by Factor6, 23.03.09 ]
Yo. More info about the concert: It will take place in A4 - Nulty Priestor Club, Namestie SNP 12, Bratislava, as the part of MULTIPLACE festival. Entry fee is 4 EURO (3 EURO for students). Info about the event as well as ticket booking link is on this site. Starting with AY Riders at 20:00, the stage will continue the show with VJ Texa, Hugo a Hubero, making their music on game consoles.
[ posted by Factor6, 20.03.09 ]
Good news! We're preparing another concert, this time in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It takes part on Saturday, the 18th of April 2009, starting at 8pm. More information about the place, entry, etc. will be put here in next few days.
AY Riders rode in Prague!
[ posted by Factor6, 11.11.08 ]
Well, the concert is history now and I must say it was great! Thanks must go to all of you audience as well as the organisers from AVU Praha. You can read a little report at the Speccy news site. The photo and video site is here.
More info about Prague concert
[ posted by Factor6, 21.10.08 ]
If you plan to visit our concert, here's the right info for you. The concert place is, as written before, Bunkr PARUKARKA in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, on Friday, 7.11.2008. The place has no exact address, just take a tram or bus (26, 9, 5, 55, 58, 136) and leave at Olsanske namesti (Olsany Square) station. The show starts at 20:00, but we play since 23:00. Entry fee is 100 CZK (around 4 EUR). For more info, visit the site of /tmp/ project.
[ posted by Factor6, 08.10.08 ]
Yo! The second AY Riders' concert in history will be held in Bunkr PARUKARKA underground club, Prague, Czech Republic on Friday, 07.11.2008! Yerzmyey, Gasman, TDM and Factor6 are going to fill your ears with square-shaped AY soundchip tones :) For now, you can look at some pictures from our first gig in Warsaw, 2004. Keep watching our site for fresh news about the event and stay tuned :)
New single
[ posted by Factor6, 02.04.07 ]
We're proud to present You our new single release called Satellite.
Site rebirth
[ posted by Factor6, 23.03.07 ]
The site has been reopened and the missing stuff and html is added step-by-step.
Antique Toy selected works
download it and discuss on pouet.
Blibb Blobb: Episode 009
[ posted by C-jeff, 09.06.06 ]
Yerzmyey rides the Blibb Blobb with ten chiptunes in the mix. There you find a part of never released tunes, which've been written before. All the music was mixed by Yerzmyey himself.